VBA SYSTEMS – Optimizing processes and increasing productivity


About the case

“I have two strong 'professional' beliefs inside me: the first is that you manage what you don't measure, while the other is that the higher the productivity, the better the result. The work of VBA Systems manages to unite the two through the automation of complex spreadsheets and databases, migrating people's time from a menial task to a more role. With the support of VBA Systems we were able to automate both complex spreadsheets for consolidation, as well as massive input of information in SAP (from orders and payment to sales order).

With the use of VBA I managed to “give wings” to a series of initiatives that would have an unfeasible cost if they were made in more robust, expensive and complex systems. Using VBA is a fast, relatively inexpensive, and extremely flexible feature. Despite the prejudice of IT departments, many companies regarding the use of VBA due to the creation of a parallel world and somewhat uncontrollable by them, I always recommend testing against the propositions in VBA, and only then migrate to more complex and cases solutions such as ABAP/ SAP.

VBA Systems has transformed my team from data consolidator to opportunity chasers!”

Marcio Marino – Executive Manager